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Sherrill Anderson Nielsen, MFT

The time has come to Redeem the Silence!

There is a deadly spiritual cancer afoot in the body of Christ. More than half of our sisters and brothers are plagued with a chronic emotional/spiritual struggle that they can’t talk about. It is often unseen, rarely diagnosed, it destroys marriages and is the root of all sorts of disorders and unseen addictions. What is this blight? It is the blight of sexual violence within our culture and our faith communities.

Over the last century the church has found a way to abolish its silence about money, addictions, sexual immorality, divorce, marital strife, pornography, and many other things that had their own Code of Silence. Today it is the silence around sexual violence. It is time to break the code and redeem the damage done by this evil. We can and must break the Code of Silence and start the healing process, and the time to start is now.

How? We can learn to overcome our fear and to embrace the broken survivors and their families. We can become communities that educate, provide resources, and create a healing place that embraces, prays with and loves people to wholeness. We can create a safe place in our faith communities to encourage, give hope, and nurture people to talk about their experience, to find their voice and overcome the lies that keep people in bondage.

Now is the time. Would you join us in breaking this Code of Silence?